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Single Member LLC Formation

Expedited Formation Specifically Designed for the Solo Owned
Limited Liability Company

A single member LLC, by nature of it only having  one member, is subject to more risk when it comes to protecting the personal liability of the solo owner:

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The great majority of limited liability company entities that are formed each year are owned by just one person.  The single member LLC is technically and legally the same type of legal entity as any other limited liability company.

However, a single member LLC, by nature of it only having one member, is subject to more risk when it comes to protecting the personal liability of the solo owner.

The best way to plan against this risk is for the single owner to be aware of what causes personal liability and to ensure that in the formation and maintenance of his or her LLC, he/she is doing everything possible to maintain the limited liability protection of the single member LLC.





Comprehensive Package for the Single Member LLC Owner

The LLC Expert offers a comprehensive LLC formation package designed specifically for the Single Member LLC.  With the package, you get everything you need to properly form your single member limited liability company and put in place a solid single owner based governance structure.

 In addition, to the fastest and most professional LLC formation service, the single member LLC formation and liability protection package also includes:


- Initial Single Member Governance Consent in Lieu of Organizational Meeting

- Customized Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

- Single Member LLC Generic Governance Consent Form (required to approve single member LLC actions)

- Federal Tax ID (EIN) Obtainment

- The Single Member LLC Overview eBook

- The Single Member LLC Survival Guide (an LLC Attorney Presentation)

- The Six Step LLC Liability Protection Formula eBook  


Single Member LLC Formation
Fast and Guaranteed to Meet State Requirements

The LLC Expert offers the fastest LLC formation without charging exorbitant expedited fees.  Our expert staff is trained to know the requirements for every state and every document undergoes review by two staff members (double compliance review).  Your name choice is checked and confirmed for availability and your documents are filed within 2 business days.   

Single Member LLC Governance/Management
Setting Up a Proper Solo Owned Management Structure

A single member LLC is not required to have the complexities and additional governance processes of a multi-member LLC.  However, having a formal and proper management structure is essential for a solo owned LLC because your personal liability protection depends on having one in place. 

With our package, you get exactly what you need as a single member LLC- nothing less and nothing more. We provide an initial governance consent that confirms the formation and adopts your operating agreement.  You also get a customized operating agreement which sets up a single member LLC specific governance and management structure.  Finally, you received a generic written consent form you can tailor for adopting and approving al formal LLC actions.  This governance approval process is key to maintaining formalities required to establish your business as separate from you as the owner.


Single Member LLC Education/Resources
Maintaining LLC Protection

While online LLC formation customers understand that they are not getting a lawyer service, they still want some guidance and information on what they need to do after formation with their limited liability company entities. Here is where we rise above the other services.  Our single member LLC formation customers receive a valuable but practical education about how they shoud run their LLC properly in order to remain in compliance with LLC requirements and best maintain personal liability protection.


Bonus #1

The Single Member Limited Liability Company- An Overview (eBook)

single member llc

This eBook provides a general overview of the limited liability company and its benefits to solo owned business owners. The Guide focuses primarily on the personal liability protection of the single owner and provides three fundamental concepts and many practical tips for every single member LLC business to follow to ensure that its owner remains protected from business related lawsuits and other obligations.




Bonus #2

The Single Member LLC Survival Guide (Video Presentation)

single member llc protection

Receive access to a presentation by an LLC Attorney that was presented to single member LLC business owners and those contemplating the use of an LLC for a solo owned business.  This presentation summarizes the material included  in the Overview eBook above.


Bonus #3

The Six Step Liability Protection Formula eBook

You also receive our most popular product (a $39 value) : This attorney written eBook teaches six important principles and steps to follow, post-formation, to ensure you preserve the LLC protection afforded by your new legal entity.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Does this single member LLC formation prevent me from adding members ever?
Answer: No. If a single member LLC wants to add members later, it simply needs to adopt a new operating agreement.
Question:  How does the single member operating agreement differ from a multi-member one?
Answer:  A single member LLC agreement is more simple because it does not require many of the provisions that are required in a multi-member llc operating agreement because many provisions are designed to deal with multi-member voting, rights and obligations toward each other and the LLC.  WIth our package, a managing member governance structure is set up as this helps ensure separateness between owner and LLC- which will help fight off any claims of personal liability for the owner.
Question: Do I need an EIN# for my single member LLC?
Answer:  The IRS does not require that a single member LLC have its own EIN# unless the LLC has employees.  However, without one, the LLC will need to use the social security number of the single owner as its tax # and for business purposes.  We strongly recommend getting an EIN# instead of using your SS# because it is  one additional factor for maintaining the independence between you and the LLC.  Also for privacy reasons, you do not want to be giving out your own SS# everytme a taxpayer number is required when conducting business.  Our package includes obtaining an EIN# for your single member LLC.


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